Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble is a flash game comes in shooting category, which can be played online and offline as well. You can play this game against the computer but if you think that playing with friends will be more fun than good news for you. This game can be played alone, in two-player game and in three-player game modes. The simple black and white screen graphics of game makes it really stylish and coordination easier.
How to play
In Tank Trouble game the main goal is to destroy your opponent’s tank while keeping yourself safe. In single player mode, computer is your opponent. In the start, you have to choose the green tank or the red tank. The controls of the game depend upon the number of players involved in game. for first player “Arrow Keys” are to move the tank and “M” key to shoot .for second player the “E, S, D, F” keys are to move the tank and “Q” key to fire. The third player has the mouse to move the tank and shoot at the opponents.
The accumulated points display at the bottom of screen. To accumulate points you have to destroy opponents’ tanks, avoid colliding with obstacles coming in your way. Game levels become more challenging as you progress in levels.

Main points to be remembered
· Main goal is destroy your opponent’s tank.

· Avoid colliding with obstacles while maneuvering the tank.

· Try to accumulate more points to win the game.


The Tank Trouble game gives a wonderful feeling of excitement, just you need put little concentration and good playing skills set. You can replay this game as many times as you want. This shooting game is a real source for entertainment, online enjoyment and fun.